Case Solving is Vital for Personal and Professional Development

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Ramzi Nahlus, American University of Beirut (AUB)

Why do you think that case solving is important for personal and professional development of students?

-I think case solving is vital for personal and professional development since it entails various aspects ranging from creativity and problem solving, to communication and other interpersonal skills. As a student, it gives you a glimpse of the real world and the professional environment in the business context.

What is your favourite part of solving a case study?

-My favourite part of any case solving session is the discussion phase. After you’ve read the case for about 40 minutes, you hold a brainstorming session and this is where an outflow of all creative and interesting ideas across all team members takes place.

What was the biggest cultural difference that you noticed during your stay in Serbia?

-The only cultural difference I could think of comes with regard to the behavioural aspect; I felt Serbians were much more vital and energetic in all tasks they undertake, and they undertake them with an assertive attitude.