MARK HABER, CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, ADVISER We are proud to say that you are one of the advisers who have been supporting us selflessly throughout the years. Could you tell us what are the key components of BBICC that inspire advisers to continuously support this competition? The key components of advisers to support the competition are as follows:…Continue Reading “The ability to travel to different locations and spend time with my friends makes BBICC a memorable experience”

PhD ORAPAN YOLRABIL, ADVISOR OF THAMMASAT UNIVERSITY Can you please introduce yourself? – I’m Orapan, the advisor from Thammasat University, I’m from Thailand and I am glad to be here! What is your overall impression of BBICC as a competition? -Regarding BBICC; this is the first time I’m here and I am so impressed with…Continue Reading “I WANT TO COME BACK AND SEE THE EFFECTS OF ALL RECOMMENDATIONS”


Could you pinpoint a few moments from BBICC 2017 that have had the most impact on your overall impression?

-BBICC was so well organized, my team had a wonderful experience overall. I remember on the first night we had socials at a pub. It was so great meeting all the teams. By the end of the night, many teams were playing beer pong and it got quite competitive! Another memorable experience was the amazing race we had – we were taken on a tour around many landmarks which ended at the Belgrade Fortress. The place is beautiful. The moment when the case challenge for our long case was announced was a surprise as well – the case was for the public sector, on attracting foreign investments and tourists. It was unlike any other case I had attempted.

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Could you pinpoint a few moments from BBICC 2017 that have had the most impact on your overall impression?

-Overall, BBICC left a big impact and made an amazing impression. It’s hard to specify because the whole competition was run impeccably. However, if I pick a couple of specific moments, it would come down to the case launches, the judges’ panel, and the organizing committee and team ambassadors.

Both cases were extremely interesting, but what made BBICC more impressive was the case launches that preceded the case cracking sessions. Being able to listen directly to company representatives allowed us to understand and contextualize the case far more than just being given papers to read. This really set the pace and gave us a much better idea as well as a better starting place to begin the case. I think that this really elevates the competition and allows the teams to be far more efficient and eliminates a lot of the doubt that comes from not necessarily knowing too much about the case sponsor.

The judge panels were all very well selected. From industry professionals, consultants, employees from the case sponsors, and previous case club competitors, it was a perfect balance and really allowed for successful feedback after cases. Having good judges allows the presenters to dive deeper into the details and get their ideas across well.

Finally, from a logistics perspective, the competition is flawless, but more than that, the whole organizing committee and the team ambassadors were excellent. We always felt welcome and supported. We were able to focus on the competition but also had an amazing time and enjoyed ourselves throughout the week.

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Could you pinpoint a few moments from BBICC 2017 that have had the most impact on your overall impression?

-The clear impression that you get from BBICC is that (a) it is incredibly well-planned, well-resourced and run, and (b) it is being run by passionate, fun, enthusiastic people.

This impression was present throughout the competition, whether it be the welcome dinner (with traditional Serbian food and dancing), day trips through Belgrade with our awesome ambassador, the competition itself and the closing party. You’ll no doubt have an amazing experience, and will leave with lasting relationships.

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Could you pinpoint a few moments from BBICC 2017 that have had the most impact on your overall impression?

– One of the first moments of BBICC shaped my experience. As soon as the UF team landed in Belgrade, a couple days early, our ambassador and other members of the OC greeted us like they were our long lost family at the airport. They drove us to our apartment, since we arrived early, and even helped us carry our suitcases up the stairs because the elevator was broken at our Airbnb. From the first hour we were in Belgrade, we felt extremely welcome and at home in Serbia.

Another memorable time was the trivia game where people from all the teams and the OC mixed together and got to answer questions, bond over rakija, and get to know each other on a more personal level.

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