Ramzi Nahlus, American University of Beirut (AUB) Why do you think that case solving is important for personal and professional development of students? -I think case solving is vital for personal and professional development since it entails various aspects ranging from creativity and problem solving, to communication and other interpersonal skills. As a student, it…Continue Reading “Case Solving is Vital for Personal and Professional Development”

Katie Cockburn, QUT Business School

What was the biggest challenge for you at BBICC 2018?

The biggest challenge was producing our best work within the stressful timeframes. When you’ve been working for 15 hours, it can become difficult to evaluate what is a good (or bad) idea. It was a steep learning curve! Overcoming this hurdle required great teamwork, negotiation, consideration and evaluation.  What made it doable was the large amount of practice cases we did in the lead up to the competition. These practices meant we knew when we were on track, how everyone in the team worked and what was going to get us to the best outcome. I learnt a lot from my experiences at BBICC that I will apply in future cases and throughout my career.

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What is your most memorable moment from BBICC 2018?

-It’s difficult for me to pick just one moment as the highlight of the BBICC 2018; the whole week was incredibly well-organized and memorable. So I’ll pick two.

The first memorable moment was hearing Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of Serbia, speak to all delegates about the value of participating in BBICC before the start of the competition. Her pres-ence at the event and her praise for BBICC foreshadowed the great cultural, competitive and social experiences that I and all of the other delegates would have at the competition over the next week. From that moment, it was clear to me that BBICC would be a world-class event.

The second memorable moment was not part of the formal BBICC schedule. When my teammate Andrew and I arrived in Belgrade, we discovered that our airline had lost our luggage and were told that it would arrive the next day. Sadly, the luggage did not arrive the next day, but our wonderful team host Katarina Petruševski was able to get Andrew and I to a wedding store to rent identical suits for the competition, a mall to buy shoes and then another store for shirts and ties all without causing us to miss any events. I will certainly never forget the funny looks Andrew and I sometimes received after wearing identical outfits at almost every formal event of the competition!

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MARK HABER, CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, ADVISER We are proud to say that you are one of the advisers who have been supporting us selflessly throughout the years. Could you tell us what are the key components of BBICC that inspire advisers to continuously support this competition? The key components of advisers to support the competition are as follows:…Continue Reading “The ability to travel to different locations and spend time with my friends makes BBICC a memorable experience”

PhD ORAPAN YOLRABIL, ADVISOR OF THAMMASAT UNIVERSITY Can you please introduce yourself? – I’m Orapan, the advisor from Thammasat University, I’m from Thailand and I am glad to be here! What is your overall impression of BBICC as a competition? -Regarding BBICC; this is the first time I’m here and I am so impressed with…Continue Reading “I WANT TO COME BACK AND SEE THE EFFECTS OF ALL RECOMMENDATIONS”


Could you pinpoint a few moments from BBICC 2017 that have had the most impact on your overall impression?

-BBICC was so well organized, my team had a wonderful experience overall. I remember on the first night we had socials at a pub. It was so great meeting all the teams. By the end of the night, many teams were playing beer pong and it got quite competitive! Another memorable experience was the amazing race we had – we were taken on a tour around many landmarks which ended at the Belgrade Fortress. The place is beautiful. The moment when the case challenge for our long case was announced was a surprise as well – the case was for the public sector, on attracting foreign investments and tourists. It was unlike any other case I had attempted.

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