Aleksandra Krstajić: Day 4

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ay four, we are ready for you! BBICC mornings always bring some special energy. The lobby of the Radisson Collection Hotel is filled with people all dressed up in suits, with purple bow ties, waiting for their day to start. I was one of them!

I am already getting used to being up before the Sun and going through the whole day after less than a few hours of sleep. The excitement got me through it. I couldn’t wait to see my team! I was making sure that they are up on time and feeling good.

Walt, Gregory, Nadia and Sara, the Berkley Haas team, seemed confident and prepared for their second case.

Why am I nervous? “Stop worrying, Aleks!”, they would always tell me. I felt like it was me waiting for the case draw. We became close so quickly!

Dinko, their advisor, was always bright and positive. He grew up in the Balkans, so he was familiar with all the customs and we’ve had a lot in common. He wishes the team good luck!

Before we knew it, 6 hours had gone by. It was time for presentations! It was a whole new experience seeing the team in a business setting.

Watching and listening to students from one of the best business schools in the world was breathtaking. I was so proud of them. We could finally stop holding our breaths.

The official part of the day was over. That, as always, meant that it’s time to go out with my team. They loved Belgrade and were always looking forward to seeing a new part of the town or trying out a new restaurant. We had so much fun together!
That was quite a day! We couldn’t wait to get some rest. But more importantly, we couldn’t wait for another BBICC morning.