Uroš Travica: Day 3

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or competitors and their mentors, BBICC started on day 3! That day, everyone was so serious and with a competitive vibe. Organizing team and ambassadors were in the same situation. It was the first case and we had to show why we are at the top 10 case competitions in the world. I woke up at 6 am. I was in a hurry and I had only one thing on my mind that morning – don’t forget the bowtie! My friend Lazar picked me up and we went straight to the hotel (our home for that 7 days).

All ambassadors met at the hotel’s lobby were Nina, Marina, and Mina were waiting for us. Once again we had to go through tasks and responsibilities. I was always making jokes at these meetings, that’s why ambassadors loved me.
At 7 am, I was waking up my team (I used to call them ‘my children’) Val, Pim, Molly, and Sarin. They were a little bit nervous but very excited and confident. We talked about yesterday’s Amazing Race and teams in their division.

At 8 am, they finally found out the company for the first small case. When I saw Val (team leader for Thammasat University ) I knew that they are ready for this case.

The next 6 hours was more than exciting for me, because of Isidora (ambassador of the University of Florida ). We talked about everything, and at that moment I knew Isidora will be an extraordinary case competitor.

After 6 hours, each team should submit their solutions and soon after went to the presenting room to meet up with the BBICC jury.

I couldn’t wait to listen to my team and see what they did, because I had fate in my team and I knew that they are prepared for this because they were best casers from their university.

Finally, the moment that everyone was waiting for had come. We were waiting for the results of the first competition day and the start of the non-official part of the day. The third day of BBICC was tiring for everyone, but in the end, we were very proud and satisfied.