Isidora Perović: Day 2

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woke up on the 2nd day of BBICC very excited about the activities that were awaiting me that day. It was Amazing Race day followed by Gala night. To say that that day was booked from 7 am to 11 pm would be an understatement.

Yesterday I met my team and was ecstatic to see them again but I would have to put that on hold for today since my assignment was to lead a group of foreign students from mixed teams and show them around Belgrade. At first, I was kinda scared- not sure if I’ll be able to entertain them for a day, are they going to have fun? Those were the kind of questions that kept popping up inside my head but as soon as noon I knew that my worries were completely excessive.

Even though all of us only met 10 minutes ago we already clicked and started exploring hidden parts of Belgrade! I was very happy to see that all of them were having fun and that they found this experience invaluable for networking and of course making friends from all over the world that they would remember 10-20 years from now.

After visiting the Temple of Sveti Sava and many other beautiful parts of the city we met with other teams at Kalemegdan fortress where we all agreed on our mutual love for pizza and shared a couple of slices to keep us filled until the Gala night that was awaiting us. Fast forward a few hours, 20 different teams with their ambassadors were waiting in front of the Palace hotel for Gala night to begin.

Getting their best outfits on they were ready for one of the most beautiful nights of BBICC.

Greeted with amazing food and performances from various artists everyone enjoyed their night and networking their feet off until 10 pm. After this day ended I was sure that BBICC was even more than I ever hoped it would be.

In the past 24hours, I made friends with people from another side of the world, seen Belgrade through the eyes of foreigners and tasted delicious food.

My eyes were barely open while midnight approached and I fell asleep almost instantaneously while wondering what will the next day of BBICC bring.