The ability to travel to different locations and spend time with my friends makes BBICC a memorable experience

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We are proud to say that you are one of the advisers who have been supporting us selflessly throughout the years. Could you tell us what are the key components of BBICC that inspire advisers to continuously support this competition?

The key components of advisers to support the competition are as follows: the cases are usually very good. I recommended 5 hour and a 24 hour case, which is a great learning experience. There is always a research that has to get done. Livestream of presentations is a great idea so that others can watch and learn.

International case competitions are a learning experience for both competitors and their advisors. What have you learned, as an experienced adviser, while supporting teams of young and ambitious students on their road to success?

This is what I have learned:

–       I get to have cases which are different

–       I get to see differences in format and presentation skills as well as power points

–       I am taught by coaches and teams about the program

–       Feedback is provided as a learning experience

–       Usually the judges are good, but sometimes they don’t get it.

Each BBICC is made up of many valuable memories for everyone who has been involved in it. When you hear the word ‘BBICC’, what are the memories that you think of first?

The memories I think of are great cases and the ability to travel to different locations and spend time with my friends.