Katarina Milosavljević: Day 1

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his is it. The big day had finally arrived! BBICC just started and as one of the 20 ambassadors, I can say this was the day we all have been impatiently waiting for for so long! Finally meeting with our teams from all around the globe in person!

Prior to that day, my CBS team and their advisor, lovely Janie had all arrived except for one member, Mathias, so I went to pick him up at the airport while they stayed in our hotel, Radisson Blu Old Mill to get some rest. After we arrived at the hotel he had some time to relax and join his teammates until the Opening Cocktail. I brought some of our traditional food that I thought they just had to try as their welcome gift– delicious homemade Gibanica and cherry pie, which they absolutely loved and of course, rakia! I was very pleasantly surprised that since the first moment we met, they felt really comfortable so we started a conversation and cracking jokes right away.

Just before it was time for the cocktail, all the ambassadors, their teams and advisors gathered in the lobby and started chatting. The Cocktail was a great opportunity to give a toast for all of the exceptional people that made it to BBICC.

I was looking around the cocktail hall and all I could see were many talented young people with excited and smiling faces. Good vibes and energy were in the air.

Everyone was so friendly and easy to speak with, and no one was into discussing business or case related things.

We were just getting to know each other, but it felt like we’d been friends for a few years. What an amazing experience!

Afterwards, it was time for the next event- a bar quiz!

We had such a great time there, laughing, having fun and putting our knowledge to test in a variety of topics. I got a chance to meet members from the other teams too since the quiz teams were mixed.

How many interesting and unique people can someone meet in only one day? I know I met a lot!

The day came to an end, and I wondered if the other days would be as good as this day was. Many previous ambassadors said that the BBICC was such a great experience, so I was looking forward to the upcoming days. I came home still excited, summing up my impressions. It was official. The most memorable week had just begun.