o, it was the second day of BBICC, and that means The Amazing Race!
But before that, the first thing on the schedule was the grand opening at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

It was a unique sight to see, so many students from different continents at our faculty.

After the ceremony, students could participate in the T-shirt exchange. Every team brought some T-shirts from their university and they could exchange it for a T-shirt from any other university they liked the most. It is a joyful moment accompanied by lots of laughter and many pictures, of course. Now, equipped with new T-shirts, we headed to Saint Sava Temple, the first stop in The Amazing Race. It was raining like crazy that day, but that didn’t kill our enthusiasm.
We gathered in front of the Temple and were divided into mixed teams of five or six students. It was a great way for us to meet each other a little bit more. During the race, we were talking about the differences and similarities between Serbia and other teams’ home countries. It was really cool to see how people your age from other countries, for example from for Australia, spend their average day. Along the way, we visited the Faculty of Law, Museum of Nikola Tesla, Parliament of Serbia and many more landmarks in Belgrade.

I enjoyed sightseeing with my team so much that I felt like a tourist myself. It was very interesting to see how students from different parts of the world experience Serbian culture, architecture, and history.

Along the way, we had to fulfill certain tasks. One of the funniest moments for me was when my team had to figure out what the literal translation of Serbian proverbs really meant. Another one was trying to pronounce some Serbian tongue twisters really fast. It was really hard for me to pronounce them, even though I speak Serbian, so you can imagine foreign students trying, it was hilarious. Even though we were on a tight schedule, we had time to grab a bite at a famous pizza place in Belgrade “Bucko”, which literally means “Fatty”. There, my team tried pizza with traditional Serbian toppings.
It was a busy day in Belgrade, but in spite of that and the heavy rain, we were able to take some amazing pictures and still arrive in time to the finish line – The Kalemegdan Fortress. It is one of the most important historical landmarks in Serbia, where we all took a great group photo to capture the moment. The view from Kalemegdan Fortress is amazing because you can see almost all of Belgrade and the confluence of rivers Sava and Dunav.
Although we were all a little tired from The Amazing Race, the day wasn’t over yet! We suited up and headed straight to the Gala Dinner at the Palace Hotel. The view from the top floor was just breathtaking.

That evening there was a lot of chatting and mingling while everyone was enjoying traditional Serbian food and music.

Soon, we had to bring the second day of BBICC to an end, because the following day would be the first short case solving and everyone needed to prepare for it and get some rest.

I have enjoyed every moment of BBICC and have met some amazing people! I will certainly never forget it. BBICC, I miss you!