fter a day full of fun activities, from going around Belgrade in the pouring rain to dressing up nicely for a gala dinner, day 3 came quite quickly. This was a day that carried a clear message – it was time to get serious.

Alarm ringing at 6 o’clock in the morning, I am jumping out of my bed just to make sure everything I need for the day is packed, rushing to get decently ready and there I went, straight to the hotel where the important day was awaiting, the first short case day.

Everything had to be perfect, no mistakes were permitted, and we all knew that.

Soon the time came for all ambassadors to make sure their teams were up and ready to meet us at the lobby. It was time for the case overview and no team could be even a minute late. The lobby was slowly but surely getting more and more crowded as I was going back and forth trying to find my team.

In the middle of this hustle and bustle that was created in a matter of minutes, I turned around just to see my team coming towards me, with the biggest smiles on their faces, the one thing that was never lacking throughout the whole BBICC journey. We were all truly happy.

Then the case overview began, doors closed and all went silent, but not for long.
After going up and down from the first to the tenth floor repeatedly, making sure everything is in its place, we gathered again at the lobby.
However, this time nervousness could be felt even through those big wooden doors, anticipation was real – competition is officially starting, any minute, any second, from now.
Just like that, two big doors opened and there they were, all teams, like a big whirlwind, coming out running, with no time to lose. The competition has now started.

Up to the room we went and one simple yet serious task had to be done – giving teams their first case of the competition. Everything had to be done exactly on time, I remember frantically looking at my phone every 2 seconds, not so patiently waiting for a signal to give my team their case. In one moment, I got the message: GIVE THE CASE NOW AND EXIT THE ROOM. I closed the door of their room, sat on the chair in front and let the waiting game of 4 hours begin.

Those 4 hours flew by and it was time to knock on the door and tell my team they have 5 minutes left to finish everything.

I will admit that I was nervous, let alone they, but I knew everything was going to be just fine, even more than that, it was going to be amazing, and so it undoubtedly was.

They finished on time and had to get ready for the presentation. Oh well, the presentation, if the level of nervousness was high beforehand, picture us now. As much as I tried to be calm, supportive and cheerful, I just couldn’t escape from being nervous as well, for them. I wanted them to be the best versions of themselves and most of all I wanted them to be happy, content and proud of themselves afterwards.
The moment came, we entered the presentation room and they instantly became four business consultants giving their amazingly smart ideas. It is safe to say, I was completely in awe.

Throughout the whole 20 minutes presentation I felt so incredibly proud of these people, the people I had met only 3 days earlier, and that’s where BBICC’s magic lays, its unexplainable way of connecting people.

The day was successfully coming to its end, but before that, it was time for an evening cocktail. The time where all 20 teams, their advisors and the organizing committee are in one place. The place where people from all around the world are in one room, sharing their experiences, getting to know each other. At that moment I could only think of gratitude I felt, and to this day feel, for being a part of something so special.
And just like that, it was time to rest, the second short case day was just around the corner.