Zorana Dulović: Day 6

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ay number 6. The only morning I could’ve gotten up a bit later, but guess what, 6 am and I was on my feet! I got so used to getting up early, that I didn’t even have to set an alarm. It was a casual day, since I was just supposed to go to the hotel and wait for my team to finish, so I can turn in their case solution. So, no purple bow today, favorite part of my outfit. I will let you guess the color of emojis on pictures I kept spamming my friends with since BBICC started.

And so, I get to the hotel expecting to see tired faces of the logistics team who were on duty while Ambassadors were gone. But guess what?

I enter the hotel and I hear laughter and feel amazing energy! 8 am you guys!?

How did they remain so fresh? Well, I guess it’s BBICC enthusiasm that never goes down. I never thought that someone can be so excited about sitting in a hotel hallway, but that’s what just occurred.

I assume that if you haven’t been pranked during BBICC, you weren’t even there.

The story goes on. I get up to the amazing fourth floor, the place where Nikola, who was an Ambassador as well, and I have been so productive during the past 5 days. We did all of our assignments for classes, filled out all applications, had deep talks, wrote down some rhymes, made up some moves and most importantly cheered our teams. Luka, who was our sub, and Nikola are just having a random conversation about a bottle of water that was sitting just next to them. They tried to convince me that I am not able to drink it all at once. Tell me I can’t do something and you’ll see me trying in a second. Well, it appears that they had filled the bottle with salt and with no place to spit, just imagine what happened next.

After pranking gone wrong, it was already 11:55 and we were all set to pick up that last final case for this year. Nikola and I were nervous each time we had to knock on that door. Even though we’ve gone through the whole process multiple times, you never want to distract your team.

It was 12:00 and we knocked on the door.

Tired looks and one loud “Nedostajala si nam!” (“We missed you!”) came out as soon as I opened the door.

Can you imagine having a team from Indiana, US and hearing them say random words in Serbian? Well, that’s what happened to me. Simona was originally from Serbia, Morgan lived in Serbia for a few months and Emma and Chris just picked it up. Coincidence or not it seemed so cool to me. Finally, I turned in the last case. My team was tired, so they decided to take a nap after a 24 hours brain-burn.

Going home after a long day of work is the common situation. Well, when it comes to the BBICC organizing committee, we just love spending time with each other, bonding and having fun afterwards. As the day continued, we felt even more excited about what was coming and ready to spend some quality time with our teams.