What is your most memorable moment from BBICC 2018?

-It’s difficult for me to pick just one moment as the highlight of the BBICC 2018; the whole week was incredibly well-organized and memorable. So I’ll pick two.

The first memorable moment was hearing Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of Serbia, speak to all delegates about the value of participating in BBICC before the start of the competition. Her pres-ence at the event and her praise for BBICC foreshadowed the great cultural, competitive and social experiences that I and all of the other delegates would have at the competition over the next week. From that moment, it was clear to me that BBICC would be a world-class event.

The second memorable moment was not part of the formal BBICC schedule. When my teammate Andrew and I arrived in Belgrade, we discovered that our airline had lost our luggage and were told that it would arrive the next day. Sadly, the luggage did not arrive the next day, but our wonderful team host Katarina Petruševski was able to get Andrew and I to a wedding store to rent identical suits for the competition, a mall to buy shoes and then another store for shirts and ties all without causing us to miss any events. I will certainly never forget the funny looks Andrew and I sometimes received after wearing identical outfits at almost every formal event of the competition!

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