Ramzi Nahlus, American University of Beirut (AUB) Why do you think that case solving is important for personal and professional development of students? -I think case solving is vital for personal and professional development since it entails various aspects ranging from creativity and problem solving, to communication and other interpersonal skills. As a student, it…Continue Reading “Case Solving is Vital for Personal and Professional Development”

Katie Cockburn, QUT Business School

What was the biggest challenge for you at BBICC 2018?

The biggest challenge was producing our best work within the stressful timeframes. When you’ve been working for 15 hours, it can become difficult to evaluate what is a good (or bad) idea. It was a steep learning curve! Overcoming this hurdle required great teamwork, negotiation, consideration and evaluation.  What made it doable was the large amount of practice cases we did in the lead up to the competition. These practices meant we knew when we were on track, how everyone in the team worked and what was going to get us to the best outcome. I learnt a lot from my experiences at BBICC that I will apply in future cases and throughout my career.

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