his day was definitely the busiest day of competition, so we needed to prepare ourselves for long walks, and a lot of fun.

All the teams were excited about grand opening of competition at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, especially about meeting our prime minister. After the opening, it was time for T-Shirt Exchange. Every team brought T-Shirt from their University, and they could swap it for another T-Shirt that they liked.

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he big case day. For ambassadors it was the day that carried the most responsibility. Everything had to work out fine. It was the reason why all those amazing people came. We gathered in front of the room where cases were waiting for us. When clock said it was time, we took cases and spread through hotel to pass them. I was waiting in front of my team’s room anticipating like it was me that it’s going to solve it for the next 24 hours.

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o, here it was. Presentation day. It’s amazing how far we’ve all come for such a little time. I’ve met these people some few months ago and still feel like they are family. After a long sleepless night of being appointed as the sentry for my team it is now the time to wrap it all up and put them to one final test. You are watching after so many things, thinking how you must show yourself as responsible, yet not come up as too stiff, how you need to be there for your team and help them but must not break any rule that might get them disqualified. In all that rumble you hope that nothing goes wrong. And as funny as it seems, it always does.

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