Ana Džagić: First Phase Mini Case

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ear Diary,
It is around midnight and I have just arrived home. Last two nights we had late parties so this is extraordinary early.

This day was very exciting because we can finally say that the real competition has started. Today was the day of Mini Case, as we call it. In the morning, we had a long brief with Bozo and Kristina because it was very important to understand every part of this day and there was no place for any mistakes. After that we had some time to prepare all the necessary materials for the teams and when the clock ticked 8:45 it was time to visit my team and give them their first assignment. When I entered their room, I don’t know why but I was very nervous and I expected them to be nervous too. The atmosphere inside was very different. They seemed relaxed, they were chatting and laughing while preparing their computers. I gave them the case, wished them all the luck in the world and my 5 hours shift in front of their room begun. I thought that those will be long and lonely 5 hours, but then all ambassadors started writing jokes and sending memes in our WhatsApp group so we had an amazing time together even though we were separated on 8 different floors.

Mini Case was over and it was time for us to put on formal clothes and our famous purple bow ties.

I watched my team presenting their solution and I was so amazed by how much they accomplished in so little time.
After all presentations and after hearing feedback for their solutions we all went to the cocktail. I was watching the teams and I realised how great it is that even though they all came here for the competition you couldn’t feel any pressure or competitiveness in the air.

They were all so friendly and in a good mood despite that they worked so hard and travelled great distances to come here. I am so glad I met all of them!

I better go and get some rest now, Long Case and new adventures are waiting for me tomorrow.

Author: Ana Džagić