Kristina Rakulj: 24h shift

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he big case day. For ambassadors it was the day that carried the most responsibility. Everything had to work out fine. It was the reason why all those amazing people came. We gathered in front of the room where cases were waiting for us. When clock said it was time, we took cases and spread through hotel to pass them. I was waiting in front of my team’s room anticipating like it was me that it’s going to solve it for the next 24 hours. After I gave them the case at noon, I didn’t want to leave them. But the rules are the rules, so I was outside, not leaving them. My shift was from 4 am till noon, but I wanted to be there all the time. I wanted to support them through those doors. So I decided to stay in front and accompany my friend ambassador who was in charge of the first shift. Hours were passing by and I wasn’t aware that we’ve been sitting in that hallway and talking for 4 hours. I thought that those shifts are going to be boring, but in that moment I realized that something about them was cool and adventurous. That ambassador is one of my best friends now and I’m sure that hallway atmosphere contributed a lot. Then I decided it was time to go home and get some sleep, cause my night shift is about to come.

After few hours of sleep and a good shower, it was 10 pm. I couldn’t wait till 4 am because I knew that in Radisson are my friends, some of them sitting in front of rooms, some of them circulating through hotel.

At midnight, hotel was wide awake, full of my friends who were like my family that week.

Although organisation was perfect, we had two obstacles. First was that elevators could be used only with special cards and all ambassadors had to share two of them. The next one was that even ambassadors are humans that had to go to the bathroom or to eat. Sounds like a challenge? Not for us. We had multiple WhatsApp groups that were made to coordinate our activities because of those elevator cards, but most of them were used to spam and laugh during those hours of shift. So, because I came in the middle of the second shift I was the “elevator key” woman. I was rolling through hotel, messing around and riding my friends whenever they needed to use the elevator. Not sure what was better: that I could go and visit whoever I wanted or to go outside with contestants who wanted to take a walk or cigarette.

The point is, even though the hotel was so quiet, it was alive more than ever.

Second shift was over and I had to leave my role of ghost who was sneaking through hotel. I was sitting in front of my team’s room thinking how they were doing and crossing the fingers for them. And right when I was about to fall asleep, they opened the door. You can’t imagine Anthony’s face when he saw me. They thought that I was not allowed to be there so he wasn’t expecting me. He yelled my name and hugged me and the rest of the team went out when they heard my name. They said that they missed me and are so happy to see me. In the team was a girl Kristin, and she told me that they missed me so much that the guys started to call her Kristina.

At that moment, I knew that I did my job as an ambassador well. I knew that was the moment and emotion that I’m going to remember and cherish forever.

In that moment, I was aware that they became something special to me and BBICC was the reason I felt like that. For me, this is BBICC, fun, new friends and tons of emotions and memories for life.

Author: Kristina Rakulj