Nevena Peković: The amazing race

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his day was definitely the busiest day of competition, so we needed to prepare ourselves for long walks, and a lot of fun.

All the teams were excited about grand opening of competition at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, especially about meeting our prime minister. After the opening, it was time for T-Shirt Exchange. Every team brought T-Shirt from their University, and they could swap it for another T-Shirt that they liked.

This part of the day deserved a lot of selfies and photos, but the best part of the day was still waiting!

Two buses were in front of the Faculty, and we headed to Saint Sava Temple. Everyone got a paper with name of superhero, and ambassador who had a picture of that superhero was their guide this was a chance for all teams to mix and to meet others.

My team, Wolverine, was amazing and our first place was Slavija, where guys from Singapore and Hong Kong were really shocked about how it functions. Every team got a different route, and we were exploring Belgrade together for three hours. This experience of seeing your city through their eyes is really unique.

Meeting point-Kalemegdan fortress! ‘Exhausted, but happy’ was the sentence which described us all.

We headed to the hotel, since the night was reserved for dinner at Palace hotel. How to describe Palace hotel? Rooftop, sunset with a view, laughter, traditional food, drinks, photos, hugs… I didn’t want it to end. But, tomorrow was the big day, small case day, so we definitely needed some rest.
I already knew that this week will be the best in my life…

Author: Nevena Peković