Katarina Petruševski: Day 7

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he big day was here. After the presentations of the big case written by Telekom Serbia were completed, it was time for the announcement of the finalists and Queen’s University was one of them.

They had to face their fears one more time, to prove themselves to the jury members, but this time in front of a room full of people.

I had learnt a lot from my team, but this time they definitely exceeded my expectations. After the sleepless nights, three solved cases, a whole day full of presentations, you still couldn’t feel the tension between them. They didn’t seem nervous although I bet they were. All four of them remained so calm and professional, both as a part of the team and as individuals. They were walking in circles, repeating the presentation in their minds for the hundredth time and in that exact moment, I felt that they would be perfect. Focused, extremely committed, hard-working, as every single one of them was, they were better than others in just one single thing. They were a team.

There was no better feeling than watching them get up on the stage, present their solution and answer every single question that came to minds of the jury.

I was so proud as if I was part of their team. And in some way, I was.

As an ambassador you will face a few sleepless nights, keeping in mind every single rule of the competition and making sure nothing goes wrong and you will be in a constant rush, but I promise that the feeling of excitement will never leave you. You will make friends, meet people with different habits, traditions and appearance and you will wish that this week never ends.

When all four finalists finished their presentations, it was time for the winner announcement. The conference room was full of positive energy and laughter. Students were cheering for each other, hugging, talking and you couldn’t feel any tension, but yet all of them were dreaming about the same thing – to win the amazing Belgrade Business International Case Competition.

Finally, when I saw on the screen that Queen’s University is the winning team, it felt like it was me who won.

I congratulated them and we spent some carefree time at the party that was organized right after. We had a lot of fun and made some lifetime memories.

I will remember that day for the rest of my life and I’ll have the exact same smile on my face when I think of BBICC. Always.