Ana Jaćimović: The Long Case Cracking

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hen the fourth day began, all ambassadors knew that this was the big day for their teams. After warming up with the short case, in front of them was a new challenge and 24-hour case solving.

In the morning, after the industry overview where participants found out who was giving the case, focus and readiness for the upcoming tasks could be seen on their faces. When our teams were in their rooms, we were taking the cases. All sixteen ambassadors were standing in the little hallway while getting the last instructions. While I was reaching the floor where Serbian Smeškići(Smileys) were waiting for the Case, I was excited and nervous at the same time, thinking how important this is for those people and how many hours of hard work were devoted to this.

All ambassadors were in charge of the first shift. After giving them the Case and wishing the best of luck, I stayed in front of their door for anything they might need. On the same floor was one more team, so I was with another ambassador, who is now my good friend. Time flew. Besides looking after the teams, hours were fulfilled with hilarious and unique WhatsApp conversations, taking pictures and other floor adventures.

After our shift was over, I was tired, but the atmosphere among ambassadors was energizing and pleasant.

We had a lot of fun together and for a short period of time, we became very close to each other.

Meanwhile, I decided to stay for an extra shift longer in the hotel to support my team as much as I could, and also help my friends on other floors. When some members of my team decided to go outside, I was thrilled to see them after a while and keep them company during their break.

There are many other things which are still left unsaid; many of them are so spontaneous and beyond words that I will remember them as some of the most stunning moments in my life.