Vladimir Stojiljković: The Mini Case Phase

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o it was day 3 – day of the mini case! We’ve had a couple of amazing days, but now it was time to get serious.

I remember going over the procedure in my head: wait for the signal, open the door, wait for the second signal, give them cases, get out as fast as you can. As simple as that. Yet, that simple process was the most frightening one for some reason.
Everything went fine, though, the team started working on the case immediately and I quietly went out and sat outside the room.

Fast forward 6 hours – it’s presentation time for my team. I can only imagine how they felt as I was probably the most excited (and scared!) person there.

Luckily, they were amazing and the jury was pleased with their solution.

Although pleased with their presentation, the team was clearly tired, and I let them go to the rooms to rest while I stood in for one of the other ambassadors, content that I could finally take off my jacket and bowtie. And then, all hell broke loose…
It seemed that one of the teams took the presentation clicker (you know, the clicking thingy) by mistake, and the presentations couldn’t go on.
But which team? Suddenly, I hear some noise from the room I was in front of. Guess which team mistakenly took the clicker? That’s right, the team in the room I was in front of! One of them just ran out the door and literally shoved the clicker in my hand.

Next scene – I’m running through the hotel with a half-buttoned shirt, trying to get the clicker in time to the presentation room.

There’s no time to change directions, so I’m literally drifting through the hallways to the other end of the hotel.
Somehow, I managed to get there on time and everything went fine. It was enough action for me, though. It was time to rest for a bit. After all, tomorrow was the long case day.