Bogdan Radenković: The Amazing Race

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can say without any doubts that this day was one of the most interesting days at BBICC.
The second day began with a grand opening at FOS and the T-shirt exchange after that. Every team had some T-shirts from their university and they could exchange it for a T-shirt from any other university they liked the most. The scene where for the first time at our Faculty we could see so many students of different nationalities was really unique and special. After this, with a huge dose of positive energy and lots of laughter, we headed to St. Sava Temple, so as to split into teams and begin with the Amazing Race.

What is very interesting about the Amazing Race is that we could see how other students from different countries comprehend our culture, country, and after all that, what are their impressions.

Although we had to prepare for a lot of pedestrians, and even running to arrive on time at our meeting point – Kalemegdan fortress, we had enough time to take some amazing pictures that I will keep forever and to fulfill certain tasks that we had on this race.

One of the funniest tasks for me was when my team read an article from a Serbian newspaper out loud. It was so hilarious and I was so glad that my team consisted of people who wanted to have fun and were so energetic.

Although we were very tired and exhausted we had enough time to get ready for the Gala at the Palace hotel. The rooftop with a beautiful view and an incredible sunset was the highlight of this evening. With lots of chatting, mingling and enjoying traditional Serbian food, we brought this day to the end because tomorrow was the short case day and everyone needed to prepare for it and get some rest.

I enjoyed every day at BBICC, had a great time and lots of memories. It was the best time of my life – BBICC I miss you!