Being able to brainstorm effectively as a team is important

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Could you pinpoint a few moments from BBICC 2017 that have had the most impact on your overall impression?

-The clear impression that you get from BBICC is that (a) it is incredibly well-planned, well-resourced and run, and (b) it is being run by passionate, fun, enthusiastic people.

This impression was present throughout the competition, whether it be the welcome dinner (with traditional Serbian food and dancing), day trips through Belgrade with our awesome ambassador, the competition itself and the closing party. You’ll no doubt have an amazing experience, and will leave with lasting relationships.

What is the key ingredient in the recipe for success regarding case competitions, according to your opinion?

-This is a tough question! I think every team will have their own approach that works for them, but I would say being able to brainstorm effectively as a team is important. Whilst good analysis and good presentation flow will always be important, you will be judged significantly on your strategy or ‘idea’ at the end of the day.

Why should a student participate in case competitions like BBICC?

1) It’s fun

2) It’s fun

3) It’s fun

4) It’s a great chance to develop your skill set whilst meeting awesome people from around the globe. The skills you develop in case competitions (e.g. presenting, analysis, strategic thinking, teamwork) will no doubt be relevant to whatever career you pursue.

Do you have any recommendations and pieces of advice regarding Serbian culture for BBICC 2018 participants, having in mind it is most likely their first time here?

-Make the most of your spare time to go out and enjoy the city. Walk around, see the sights, and most importantly, enjoy the local cuisine. Ćevapčići are awesome, and even better when paired with Rakija. Živeli!