Friendliness and hospitality is a huge competitive advantage

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Could you pinpoint a few moments from BBICC 2017 that have had the most impact on your overall impression?

– One of the first moments of BBICC shaped my experience. As soon as the UF team landed in Belgrade, a couple days early, our ambassador and other members of the OC greeted us like they were our long lost family at the airport. They drove us to our apartment, since we arrived early, and even helped us carry our suitcases up the stairs because the elevator was broken at our Airbnb. From the first hour we were in Belgrade, we felt extremely welcome and at home in Serbia.

Another memorable time was the trivia game where people from all the teams and the OC mixed together and got to answer questions, bond over rakija, and get to know each other on a more personal level.

What is the key ingredient in the recipe for success regarding case competitions, according to your opinion?

– One of the key ingredients in the recipe for success at case competitions is definitely having a strong brainstorming session where group members build off of others’ ideas in a very positive and encouraging manner. It lays a solid framework for targeted research and creative strategies that come later on in the process.

Why should a student participate in case competitions like BBICC?

-Students should participate in case competitions like BBICC because they give vast experience with real-world business problems. Crafting solutions to business problems that companies are currently facing, being put on the spot to answer important questions, and getting immense feedback from this process makes students that much more valuable when they go and work for a company and can leverage those same problem solving skills and desire to improve to enhance the business and themselves.

Do you have any recommendations and pieces of advice regarding Serbian culture for BBICC 2018 participants, having in mind it is most likely their first time here?

-My advice to students who will be experiencing Serbian culture for the first time is to remember that friendliness and hospitality is a huge competitive advantage and an incredible feature of the Serbian culture. Once you meet and interact with Serbians, you feel like you’ve known them your whole life, just as our ambassador, Tamara made team UF feel. I recommend going into the competition knowing that you’re going to come out of it with over a dozen new friends from Serbia and all over the world who want to make sure you have the best experience at BBICC and that you succeed wherever you end up afterwards.