Learning to accept and respect different perspectives is paramount

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Could you pinpoint a few moments from BBICC 2017 that have had the most impact on your overall impression?

– One of my fondest memories of BBICC was during the cocktail evening. Aside from the free flow alcohol, I perceived it as an enriching opportunity for my teammates and myself to partake in a platform for both global knowledge and cultural exchange. Beyond that, the cocktail night served a testament to BBICC’s commitment to both excellence and in achieving vast international exposure.

What is the key ingredient in the recipe for success regarding case competitions, according to your opinion?

-Definitely team synergy. Beyond working well together, learning to accept and respect different perspectives is paramount in facilitating better information exchange. I believe this may very much be key in developing a coherent solution and a strong united front to any business case.

Why should a student participate in case competitions like BBICC?

-As does any other case competition, BBICC both values and invests in students through encouraging those to step outside conventional classroom thinking and to be more critical-minded with real-time business problems. I would definitely recommend BBICC to budding/seasoned case-crackers. This is as beyond the extent of competition, what stood out to my team was that BBICC was committed in bettering both business knowledge and exposure of us participants through constant feedback and in connecting us to the giants in business.  

Do you have any recommendations and pieces of advice regarding Serbian culture for BBICC 2018 participants, having in mind it is most likely their first time here?

-My time spent in Belgrade was absolutely exciting; it truly is a historical and cultural melting pot as I’ve found, standing amidst the bustle of Belgrade’s Republic Square… The city has shown itself to be a wonderful and hospital – have definitely felt that from day one till the end. I’ve even come back to visit! But anyways, to the recommendations!

Travelling around Belgrade can be quite a new experience, especially by tram, where tram drivers could be especially ruthless on the accelerator – hold on tight, please. For the fearless, I’d advise you to try Rakija, which is basically plum brandy – my personal favourite local delicacy but also very strong, as I’ve learned first-hand! I would also absolutely recommend visiting a Kafana – great Serbian BBQ and if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself surrounded by local Serbian music!