I have never ever felt so welcome anywhere before

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Could you please introduce yourself?
– I am Steve Goossens, participant of BBICC 2016 for the Maastricht University team. I am currently doing a master program in Finance at Maastricht University. Next to my education I work as a student assistant for the School of Business Internship office and am the chairman of the Rob Foundation. The Rob Foundation (TRF) is a, in the Netherlands based, foundation, which makes it possible for Tamar Goossens and her co-workers to do their work in Uganda. TRF is mainly active in the villages around Mukono. During outreaches they visit the villages and schools around Mukono to give educational health talks, (preventive) treatments and other support in the region. Our objective is to acquire our own mobile clinic with equipment, medicine and medical resources to be able to perform these outreaches.

What is your best memory from BBICC 2016?
– My best memory from BBICC 2016 is the hospitality from the home university and all its volunteers. I have never ever felt so welcome anywhere before. The atmosphere was amazing and the people even better.

What did you find most challenging at BBICC 2016?
– The most challenging part was being able to balance all the great social activities with cracking cases. There is so much going on in one short week. You want to be part of everything and perform which creates a huge conflict of interests. In the end you have to be able to be fit and focused while you are working on a case. Our team was able to combine all the social activities while maintaining our focus, however with all the hospitality and generosity from the serbian university this can definitely be challenging.

– In your opinion, what are the key character traits of a great solver of business problems?

A good case cracker has to be able to walk the judges through the numbers.