It was a home away from home

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Could you please introduce yourself?
– My name is Freddie and I was a participant from National University of Singapore for BBICC 2016.

What is your best memory from BBICC 2016?
– My best memory was definitely the lovely and delicious food that Belgrade has to offer. That being said, the amazing hospitality extended by Vesna and her organizing committee over meals was fantastic and it helped us to feel a lot at home. It was truly a home away from home.

What did you find most challenging at BBICC 2016?
– The most challenging bit for me was the case challenge for the finals. It was a really unique company that came from a very unique industry that none of us have ever come across. As such, attempting the case was exciting and memorable albeit it being challenging.

In your opinion, what are the key character traits of a great solver of business problems?
– I think each case participant will have his/her own unique character traits that work for him/her. As for me, I think the key is to always be open-minded and be open to criticism. As an individual, you will never be able to identify your blind spots and hence, your team members play a critical role in addressing that.