People made the entire experience a great memory

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Could you please introduce yourself?
– My name is Katie and I was a participant in BBICC 2016 from Concordia University.

What is your best memory from BBICC 2016?
– It is hard to pinpoint one best memory because the entire experience was amazing. Overall, the people made the entire experience a great memory. The hospitality extended by the organizing committee and volunteers was unparalleled. Our teams’ luggage was lost and our host went out of her way to make sure we were as comfortable as possible. She got us all the necessities and took us downtown so we could find some suitable clothes for all the cocktail events. That said, the events in the day and evening were also a highlight for me. Everything was so well organized between networking events with other teams and incredible meals. We had the opportunity to explore Belgrade through a scavenger hunt where we saw all the main attractions and got to meet some of the other teams. I have never been so well taken care of.

What did you find most challenging at BBICC 2016?
– The most challenging part of BBICC 2016 was definitely the final case. We had never seen a case where the industry had so many rules and regulations surrounding what you could and could not do to market the product. Despite finding it challenging it forced our team to try and think outside the box – which helped lead us to our solution.

In your opinion, what are the key character traits of a great solver of business problems?
– It is hard to generalize the key character traits of a great problem solver because everyone approaches problems differently and has a different role on their team. First off, you need to be able to think outside the usual to come up with a unique solution. I think something that is incredibly important is listening to your teammates, communicating and being open to new ideas. I’ve found that despite thinking you have a great idea often times your teammates are the ones who point out the flaws. It is important to accept when your team challenges your ideas and talk about what led to you to different conclusions in order to come up with the best possible solution for the case.