Competing against exceptional teams really ups the pressure

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Could you please introduce yourself?
– Hello, I’m Vesna and I’m from Nepal but I’m studying at the University of Melbourne.

What is your best memory from BBICC 2016?
– I think my best memory is not related to the competition itself but to the environment and the people there. I remember a sunny afternoon when the team was out and about discovering the city, and we stopped at a traditional place for lunch and tried delicious food but also got to know each other and our ambassador in a different light. It is favourite memory because it helped us form the bond which made the word “team” more meaningful!

What did you find most challenging at BBICC 2016?
– I think the most challenging factor were the cases which were if a high calibre. Knowing that there are exceptional teams that you are competing with really upped the pressure.

In your opinion, what are the key character traits of a great solver of business problems?
– Focus, imagination, diligence and great team skills.