BBICC Interview: Sanja Grabež PhD, General Manager at Galerija Podova

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Could you tell us why is giving a case study to students a good idea for a company?
– From the company standpoint, giving a case study can have a significant impact for its further development considering that many solutions are out of the box ideas from young, unbiased minds, not burdened with roles, boundaries and experience. In a today’s fast changing world, wild and innovative ideas are the ones that make a real difference. In addition, while preparing the case company needs to think how to frame or reframe the problem it wants to impose on a case, which also gives many insights.

What can you say about seriousness of teams’ solutions, was this the level of solving you expected?

– Most of the teams are very thorough while solving the case, very often offering comprehensive solutions comprising both strategy and tactics. Moreover, we can also see that preparation process and their general knowledge gives them an opportunity to propose innovative yet applicable solutions.

What do you think about BBICC? What left the biggest influence on you?
– BBICC is a result of a great vision. It connects students from the best universities and allows them share their knowledge and benchmark while having fun. Also the judges that are coming from best companies in Serbia can get to know each other in different roles and also compare their approach and business style. Such practice can make significant impact on the community as a whole.

Which qualifications would you recommend students to develop to help them improve their careers?
– From all different traits people should have to get into business, I would recommend developing more systematic thinking and pattern recognition as these features are extremely important in getting faster and overall solutions once in a real life. Working on case studies helps students develop these features while looking at the case problem from different sides, preparing to defend their ideas while seeing them influence different parts of the company, and finding industry or branch patterns.

What or who made the biggest impact on where you are now?
– Many things influence somebody’s career starting from their own attitude to the surroundings around them. Vision, personal decisiveness and stamina are probably one of the most important mindsets and than goes the effort you need to put into every idea to make it alive.

Sanja Grabež, PhD
General manager
Galerija podova – Tarkett group