Interview with the Ambassador of Canada in Serbia: His Excellency Philip Pinnington

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How would you comment the cooperation between the international students that come from all over the world and our students from the University of Belgrade?

– Speaking of the three years experience with this competition, people come here with an open mind, come here because they want to come here, not because they’re forced to come here. So anyway they come here with the positive energy, they want to learn, want to see and what I find that this year that people who get here see Belgrade such as they’ve never seen, because they didn’t know much about it. And that in fact increases their interest in learning more and it’s great to see lots of young people being open and friendly and interested in new things and everything. From what I can see, the collaboration is very very good, and I believe that people are more interested in Serbia and its students.

What do you think about BBICC?

– I love this event. I see nothing but good organization, positive welcoming people, making others feel so welcomed here. I can’t speak about the competition itself, because I don’t know much, but everyone I spoke to say it’s of really high quality. So I am very impressed with BBICC.

What is the advice that you would give to BBICC participants, and to other students? Generally for younger people that will start their careers?

– Well, you know, when you are an old man you have an advice for everybody (Laugh).
I think the only thing I can say to people is to have a plan, but don’t stick blindly to the plan. You have to be flexible, because you never know when something’s going to appear that in fact is big deal for you and you didn’t see it coming. So, take the risk to find about other great things.

When you are in your twenties and you are looking forward, you think “Oh I have to get a job, I have to make a career, do this and do that”, but when you are my age and looking back I just think “What is the hurry?”. Take the time now, because now is when you have time to explore all your options, don’t give credits, be flexible, flexibility and an open mind are really two things I would stress out for the young people.