Interview with the Ambassador of the United States of America in Serbia: His Excellency Kyle Randolph Scott

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How would you comment cooperation between University of Belgrade and the universities from the United States and BBICC competition?

– I think this is a fantastic initiative by the University of Belgrade to bring together this international competition including three universities from the United States and it shows great initiative on the part of the Belgrade leadership. I also think it provides our students, as well as other students from around the globe, with great opportunity to come here and experience this beautiful country and beautiful culture and see the huge skills that the business community in Serbia has.

Do you think this is a valuable experience for all the students?

– Absolutely. I think the case study learning in business schools is probably the gold standard and this chance to do it on the international level, I think it just helps the students raise themselves up one more standard.
Do you think their cooperation can add some value in their future careers and wise?
Without a doubt we are in a global economy, a global economic world and a business world and students who are learning to engage on that level are going to be that much more competitive when it comes to job search, but also that much more effective when it comes to their work in business.

What do you think generally about BBICC?

– I must admit that this is the first time that I ever heard of BBICC, but I think it is a great opportunity for the students here in Belgrade, but also for students from around the world who come to this competition. Good luck to all the 16 teams!