How would you comment the cooperation between the international students that come from all over the world and our students from the University of Belgrade?

– Speaking of the three years experience with this competition, people come here with an open mind, come here because they want to come here, not because they’re forced to come here. So anyway they come here with the positive energy, they want to learn, want to see and what I find that this year that people who get here see Belgrade such as they’ve never seen, because they didn’t know much about it. And that in fact increases their interest in learning more and it’s great to see lots of young people being open and friendly and interested in new things and everything. From what I can see, the collaboration is very very good, and I believe that people are more interested in Serbia and its students.

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Could you tell us why is giving a case study to students a good idea for a company?
– From the company standpoint, giving a case study can have a significant impact for its further development considering that many solutions are out of the box ideas from young, unbiased minds, not burdened with roles, boundaries and experience. In a today’s fast changing world, wild and innovative ideas are the ones that make a real difference. In addition, while preparing the case company needs to think how to frame or reframe the problem it wants to impose on a case, which also gives many insights.

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